This is the Dream Deficit Zone

It is for anyone remotely interested in the life and times of Reckoner.

Reckoner is me. I am Sumanth. I think about music almost all the time, except when I make music - which is when I think about everything else. It has mostly worked out fine so far.

This newsletter is for us to stay in touch. You and me. No content-curation algorithms in the way. No pleasing digital overlords with hashtags, fancy head (or butt) shots or peak-hour optimization.  

You will hear about what’s going on in the Reckoner world/head - rehearsals, upcoming shows, new merch, the smacks of euphoric hysteria from when I accidentally write a snazzy chord change. Perhaps, I will talk about my pedals, share my excitement over a Github repository or mourn an aux cable that died under the wheels of my chair. 

Other times there will be news on my motivations, activities tangentially connected to music, or my collaborative endeavors with other people. Maybe even the occasional list of my current favorite reads and listens. 

They will likely not be as eloquent as this introduction.

I’m going to shoot for an update every other weekend. But if you don’t hear from me for longer, I’m probably busy doing something interesting offline - which is usually a sign of good health, no?


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