While reorganizing my drives last year, I discovered a collection of demos from 2020. Turns out I’d hastily written and recorded a ton of half-ideas…

February 2022

Hello, This is a tale of two streams. The first was in April 2020, one I’ve written about here before. Char Stiles and I collaborated on a stream at the…

August 2021

Show in Brooklyn

May 2021

New site, new show

February 2021

Dream Deficit # 10

December 2020

[note from 2018] La Saboteuse - Yazz Ahmed
[note from Feb 2018] Isle Enchanted - Wave Temple

November 2020

Why am I writing now and what do I have to say that I didn’t already cast aside in the last 6 months? Short answer, not much. Here are some updates…

April 2020

Sound and Moving Pictures
Dream Deficit Zone #5

March 2020

We need more things to talk about
It’s been hot and cold and hot and cold and hot and cold. The cold days were spent indoors playing the guitar (specifically the octatonic scale in the…